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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Weekly Coupon Shopping

I went back and forth over doing this deal, because it would use up all of my extra cash in my grocery money for the month, but I decided to do it anyways.  It just means if I need any non-food items for the rest of the month, I'm limited to Walgreens points and a few CVS ECBs that I have leftover.  But I should be set, so I think that's okay.

  • Angel Soft 24 pack: $8.99, get 1,000 points ($1.00).  Used $1/1 printable = paid $7.99, got 1,000 points.
  • 2 Well Beginnings Jumbo Packs: B1G1 50% off $6.00, plus get 2,000 points when you buy 2.  Used $1/1 coupon (came with a blog pack - look for a review next week!) = paid $8.00, got 2,000 points.
  • Cheerios: on clearance for $1.09. Used $1/1 (mailer) = $0.09, plus I'll get $0.75 back from SavingStar!
  • Starbucks Iced Coffee: $1.79. Used $1/1 printable (no longer available) = $0.79.
  • 3 Lindsay Olives: $0.99 (ad coupon). Used $1/2 printable = paid $0.49 for 2 and $0.99 for 1.
  • 2 Dawn Dish Soaps: $0.99 each. Used two $0.30/1 printables = paid $0.69 each.
  • Used 5,000 points when you spend $25+ ad coupon = paid $21.22 with tax, got 8,000 points back (1,000 for Angel Soft, 2,000 for diapers, 5,000 for the ad coupon).  
I also have at least 5,000 points on my card, so I'll have to check to see what the next level of cashing them out is. I know 5,000 is $5, but I think the rate gets better if you have more points.  I haven't done much with the points system so far, although I do have it set up to earn points for steps with my Fitbit too, so I get points from that as well.  Every bit helps!

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