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Friday, August 1, 2014

July Goals Update

I actually accomplished most of my goals for the month of July! Love it when that happens!

  • Get back into daily reading time with the kids, at least 5 days a week. I didn't necessarily keep track of this, but I think we did okay. Not great, but okay. Part of our homeschooling schedule will include a weekly library trip, as well as daily reading time, so that will help too.
  • Teach the kids another hymn verse.  We learned I Pray Thee, Dear Lord Jesus for another night-time prayer.
  • Put away Hannah's too small clothes and check the next size up to see what we have for girl clothes, and make a list of what we need. Done!
  • Check Jonah and Matthew's next-size-up clothes as well, and make a list of what we need. Done!
  • Post at least one content post per week. Done!
  • Find a consistent time each week to work on the blog. Not done, but I did carve out at least two afternoons during naptime most weeks to write and plan things.  Not consistent, but it worked, so I think that's good enough.

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