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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Weekly Coupon Shopping

I was excited to try a few new apps on my iPhone with my coupon shopping this week: Cartwheel, iBotta, and some Target Mobile Coupons.  All worked very well, and I got everything pictured above for $6.25 (plus a $1.00 deposit back from iBotta)!

  • Annie's Bunnies: $2.79. Used $0.50/1 printable, and submitted for a $0.50 iBotta rebate = paid $2.29, get $0.50 rebate.
  • Evol Burrito: $2.49. Used $1.00/1 printable, and $1/1 frozen item (Target mobile coupon) = paid $0.49. I was going to use an iBotta rebate on this too, but it must have expired.
  • Van's Waffles: $2.50. Used $3/1 printable (take survey), which took off the full $3.00 = free plus $0.50 overage!
  • Edge Shave Gel: $2.44. Used $1/1 Target printable and 10% off Cartwheel coupon, then submitted for $0.50 iBotta rebate = paid $1.29, get $0.50 rebate.
  • 2 Schick Hydro Razors: $9.49 each. Used two $4/1 Target printables and two $4/1 printables (no longer available), plus 10% Cartwheel coupon = paid $0.94 each! These are my favorite razors.
  • 5 Bananas: $0.24 each. Used $1/1 fresh fruit Target mobile coupon = 5/$0.20!
  • Red Pepper: $1.19. Used $1/1 fresh veggie Target mobile coupon = $0.19!
  • Got $0.05 off for using my own bag.
  • Total spent: $6.25, got $1.00 iBotta rebate.
Here's a bit more about the apps I used:

Cartwheel: In case anyone was wondering, because I wasn't quite sure how this worked until I did it, the Cartwheel discount comes off after the Target coupons.  So for the razors, they were $9.49 each. The register took off the $4.00 Target coupon, bringing it down to $5.49, and the 10% came off of that ($0.55). And then the $4 manufacturer coupon came off, making them $0.94 each.

Mobile Coupons: For the mobile coupons, I have them saved to Passbook (an app that came preloaded on my iPhone), and I listed out the coupons on a piece of paper by date.  It's easier than trying to find which one belongs with which bar code at the register. This time all of my mobile coupons were under one bar code, so it was pretty easy, but if I ever use more than one at a time, then I know.

iBotta: This one is a bit more work, since you do the activities associated with the products ahead of time (take a poll, read a fact, etc.), and then once you purchase them you scan your receipt and the bar codes.  But it still only takes a few minutes, and it's pretty easy once you get the hang of it.

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