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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

July Goals Update

  • Hang pictures on the walls. We got most stuff unpacked right away but I didn't hang anything up yet. Done!
  • Find a replacement camera and/or a smartphone (read more below). I ended up getting both. You can read more about that here.
  • Try 2 new Pinterest breakfast or muffins recipes. We tried these Whole Wheat Whatever Muffins (with cherries and cream cheese filling).
  • Try 2 different kinds of popsicles (I'm thinking chocolate pudding pops for sure!) We did watermelon strawberry pops with some leftover fruit from the fridge. They were simple but refreshing. And I kept forgetting to have the couple extras for snacks, so we didn't end up making the chocolate pudding ones yet.
  • Start the Unwired challenge. I've started reading the ebook, so I need to finish that and plan for my two week challenge. I finished reading the book right away, and was really pumped for this challenge.  And then I got my iPhone.  And now I spend very little time on the computer, except for when I'm uploading pictures or blogging, but I spend more time on my phone than I'd like (although still not as much as I was on the computer, so progress?).  I'm going to start setting my kitchen timer for those times when I am on there, though, so I can limit it that way.

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