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Sunday, June 9, 2013

What I'm Reading...

I'm back! Did you miss me?  I would love to say I've missed blogging, but the truth is that I've been so busy that I've barely had time to think, let alone formulate readable thoughts.  I finally got the chance to sit down and catch up on my blog reading over the past few days.  Here are some good finds...

The Best Time Management Advice I've Ever Received. (Money Saving Mom)

Why Parenting And Relationships Are Hard: Happiness Doesn't Mean Feeling Good. (Offbeat Home)

5 Tips For Baking In Bulk...With Toddlers. (Andrea Dekker)

Seven Ways We Effectively Reduce Our Food Budget. (The Simple Dollar)

10 Types Of Yard Salers. (Little House Living)

Love & Coffee. (Gidget Goes Home)

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