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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Project Simplify: Piles

This week's Project Simplify challenge was piles.  Who doesn't have a bunch of those?  I picked a few that were especially bothersome...

First was the dining room table.  This is just a "stuff" magnet, especially since there's still room for us to eat even with stuff piled all along the wall.
Miscellaneous mail and papers cleared off, fruit put nicely in the bowl, and the pile of music and organ shoes that needs to be dropped off went into a bag in the car.  We don't really have another place to put my husband's soda, but that will be gone soon enough anyway.  Much better!

Next was this pile of Hannah clothes.  I already organized all of the newborn/0-3 month clothes, but these are the bigger ones that we've picked up or been given that haven't been put away yet, mostly because I didn't want to pull out the bins.
And I also had a full basket of clothes that Matthew has outgrown that hadn't been put away yet either. 
This task took me all of two minutes.  Why do I put these things off?  All that's left in the basket are some summer shoes that are too big for Jonah, and some small winter hats.  The shoes stay in there for now, because otherwise Jonah likes to try them on and gets mad that he can't wear them out in the snow, and the hats will go in our hat bin when it gets stored away, but it's easier to not have the extras in there during the winter season.
I had a few other piles that I thought about working on, but I ran out of time.  Still, the couple spaces that I did are much better!

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