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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Iron Craft Challenge 3: Hearts And Flowers

One of my favorite things to do while watching tv is plastic canvas stitch.  (Is anyone else like that, where you can't just sit there and watch?)  I found a picture of these for sale on etsy via pinterest, and thought "I could make those!" so I did.

We have no magnets on the bottom of our fridge because my kids have destroyed them all, so I'm hoping that since these are a little bit sturdier than cheap-o magnets we get in the mail for random things, that the kids won't ruin them.  And, since they're seasonal, they won't be up there super long, although I do have plans to make some Thomas the Tank Engine magnets in the near future.

Jonah thinks the magnets are pretty neat.  He also thinks his new vest and tie are pretty neat (we have awesome friends who gave us a bag full of hand-me-downs).  I think he may have inherited my lack of fashion sense...

1 comment:

  1. I love those sort of projects that you can feel productive while watching tv!