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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Easy Bead And Pipe Cleaner Busy Bags

Earlier this week, a few friends and I got together to do a busy bag exchange.  I put together this pipe cleaner beading activity, with my trusty helpers, of course.  We used small yogurt containers with lids to store beads, and then hot glued felt flags onto coordinating pipe cleaners.  The child can then practice threading the beads onto the matching pipe cleaners, working on both color recognition and fine motor skills.

Both boys loved helping me sort out and match the colors, and Jonah had a blast threading the beads on.  Matthew isn't quite capable of the threading yet, but he still had fun helping put the bags together.

We're already looking forward to doing another busy bag exchange sometime soon.  I just have to figure out what activity we'll do next!

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