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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Weekly Goals: March 6-12

Aside from food being my focus, I didn't snap a ton of pictures this week.  But I did take this one, of my La La, who likes to lean on my face for comfort.  It was cute when she started doing it, and it's still adorable.

Last Week's Goals:
  • Finish the Whole 30 menu plan, grocery list, and shopping.  Done!  I did A LOT of food prep too.
  • Read Dressing Your Truth.  After all of my food prep Friday, I took a much needed break and read this whole thing in a couple hours on Saturday.  Honestly, it was mostly a rehash of the free video course, and I was disappointed that it basically turned into a written infomercial to buy the course to actually learn HOW to dress your truth.  So I know that I'm a Type 4, but I don't really know what that means for my clothing.  I may have to do some more Googling on that one...
  • Work on some behind the scenes blog stuff.  Some got done, most didn't, in lieu of food planning.  I'll be working more on it this week.  
This Week's Goals:
  • Add at least 5 more ideas to my Whole 30 Planning board on Pinterest, so when I start the menu plan for the second part of the month, I have some fresh inspiration.
  • Do the Iron Craft project for this challenge: teeny tiny.  
  • Pick and start another book to read.  I just bought this one for $2.99, but I also have this one on the shelf and a few free ebooks I want to read.
Interesting Reads:

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