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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Iron Craft Challenge #4: In The Kitchen

This time around, the Iron Craft theme was "in the kitchen".  I had several ideas for this one, but then I got caught up in Whole 30 planning, and I didn't have much crafting time.  
So I made a knitted dish cloth from some yarn scraps.  I've been working on knitting up all of my cotton scraps into rags for my kitchen, which results in some two- or three-toned rags.  They're all cheerful colors, and I'll certainly use them, although they're kind of an odd assortment.  This one was the leftover yarn from a nicer looking Mickey Mouse dish cloth I made for a Christmas gift.

I love the look of these coffee themed embroidered towels, but I went for quick and easy this time around.  What would you make for a kitchen craft project?

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