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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Weekly Goals: August 16-22

I totally meant to get up a Weekly Goals post last week, but I didn't get to it before the girls and I left for Wisconsin for a bridal shower for my brother's fiancee Jess.  It was a fun party, and it was great to see a bunch of the Welke side and meet some of Jess' friends as well!

Last Week's Goals:

  • Grocery shop and food prep for the first half of August.  Done, and it's already time to do the second half!
  • Start doing my homeschool planning, getting at least 3 subjects figured out.  I have science, history, and reading done, along with a list of chapter books I'd like to read aloud.  I've started doing math as well, so things are looking pretty good for school to start in a couple weeks.
  • Figure out the layout and storage of our homeschool room and hang our new calendar and posters.  Not done.  I've been gathering extra containers and bins, but I still have to set everything up.
  • Fix the pile of broken toys and books.  Done, although now there's a few more.  Boys are rough on toys!
This Week's Goals:
  • Finish planning math, and figure out Matthew's math and letter of the week for school.  I've done most of the planning with Jonah and the joint subjects in mind, but I should probably figure out some of Matthew's stuff too.
  • For real, get the homeschool room ready.  This means clearing off the extra table we have (currently in the dining room from when we had our garden plants inside, being used for extra projects and miscellaneous storage), placing the shelves, hanging posters, figuring out what I need for the bins and what I'm using for manipulatives...
  • Finish reading The Girl on the Train.  I requested this one on a whim from the library and it came in sooner than I thought, so I need to read it before I have to return it, because someone else requested it and it's not renewable!
We also got a big pile of sweet corn from some church members, which we'll eat for a few days and then freeze what's left, plus I have several zucchini to figure out too.  Hopefully I can incorporate those into the meal plan that I'll be making for the second half of August.  Stay tuned...

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