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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Our "Typical" Homeschool Schedule

Now that I've shown you our curriculum choices and our homeschool room, here's what a typical weekly schedule will be.  Except for when things pop up, as they often do.  But this is the baseline, at least...

Daily, with the goal of doing most of these in the morning:
  • Bible Time (devotion, On My Heart, hymns)
  • Calendar Time
  • Math (Jonah)
  • Math (Matthew)
  • Reading (Jonah)
  • Letter of the Week (Matthew)
  • Read Aloud picture books
I'll probably read aloud from the chapter books over snack or lunch.

Afternoons will be where we vary.

Mondays will be life skills, as well as grocery shopping and appointments.  Like this coming Monday, when the three biggest kids have their first dentist appointment.  Sometimes this might happen in the morning, because it's easier to juggle grocery shopping in the AM, so those days we'll shift the rest to the afternoon.

Tuesday/Thursday will be Story of the World.  Right now I'm feeling ambitious, and I have projects noted with each chapter that I think would be fun.  Time will tell if they actually happen.  
Wednesday/Friday will be Elemental Science.  A lot of the weeks have at least one, if not two nature walks, which the kids are really looking forward to.  Each one focuses on something different, so that will be cool for them, as opposed to their current nature walks, which just involve picking up random stuff.

The reason I chose to schedule it this way is because my kids do better with focusing in the morning.  The afternoon stuff is a little more hands on, and will involve doing projects and activities, which it's easier to get them to do when they're not as focused.  Trying to work with our strengths here.  

What does your homeschool schedule look like?

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