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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Weekly Goals February 1-7

Elizabeth has been a lot more alert lately.  She's starting to develop her own personality, and just beginning to babble and coo.  I love it!

Last Week's Goals:
  • Put Elizabeth on the birthday board. Done!
  • Do Iron Craft Challenge #2 project.  Done! Look for the post on Tuesday.
  • Finish reading Brick by Brick. Almost done.  And I called it done enough to write a review.  I'll finish the book either later today or tomorrow.
  • Figure out yummy homemade Superbowl snack-y dinner. Done!
The boys got to stay up to watch wrestling with Jesse last weekend, so we made these monster cupcakes.  I froze half right away, and we're eating them as part of our Superbowl treats tonight.

This Week's Goals:
  • Start working on family 2014 photo book on Shutterfly.  I've done one of these for the past four years, and I really love having a picture summary of the year. Plus there's always codes for free books floating around, so I only end up paying shipping.
  • Finish unpacking our dresser, hanging a few pictures in the boys' room, putting diaper boxes in the closet.  These are a few lingering unpacking things that haven't gotten done.
  • Do yoga 4 times. I forgot to write this goal down last week, but it's kind of my standard exercising goal at this point.
  • Finish Brick by Brick and start reading another book.

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