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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Iron Craft Challenge #5: A Is For...

...Alphabet Animal Art!

I really enjoyed the mixed media embroidery project I did for Challenge #1 this year, so I decided to do something similar for this challenge.  A friend of mine had a baby recently, so I made this wall hanging for her.  Since her name is Esther, I chose E for elephant.

I didn't photograph the first steps, but I did a simple google image search for "elephant silhouette" and picked one I liked.  I traced that onto two fabrics, and cut it out.  I used an old undershirt for the backing.

And here is the finished product!
I did try something new on this one, which was to embellish the elephant with a 3D ear, which I made from sewing together two half circles of the yellow polka dot.  I sewed the first three and a half sides together inside out, and then attempted a hidden stitch after I flipped it right side out.  It nearly worked, although I could use some practice on that.  Since I was going to stitch it onto the elephant, it didn't matter if it was showing, but I had wanted to try it, so I did.
And finally, for your bonus viewing pleasure, an elephant drawn by my nearly-3-year-old, Matthew:
Isn't that cute?

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