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Sunday, September 15, 2013

What I'm Reading...

Life Is An Acquired Taste. (The Minimalists)

On Cake And Having It All. (The Minimalist Mom)

Here's Some Honest Dating Advice and I'm An Introvert, And I Don't Need To Come Out Of My Shell.  I just found this blog and I really enjoy reading these posts so far. (The Matt Walsh Blog)

12 Features Of A High-Need Baby. "In some ways all babies are high need babies, and most babies have high needs in at least one area of their life." I can definitely see this in my two younger kids - Matthew was "Mommy-only" clingy for over a year, and Hannah just doesn't nap much.  (Ask Dr. Sears via Simple Organized Living)

Are Your Armpits An Exit Ramp? (Kitchen Stewardship)

Hobby: For Fun Or Spending?  "If you’re spending as much time shopping for your hobby as doing your hobby, your real hobby is shopping." (Gal Vaz-Oxlade via Organizing Junkie)

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