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Monday, December 5, 2011

Birthday And Anniversary Board Part 2

It's finally done! You can see part 1 of this project here. I ran into a few more mishaps before I finally finished this project.

I tried a white paint pen to write the dates on the buttons, but it wasn't very white, and the edges of the letters and numbers got all runny. It looked pretty terrible. I moved on to black and silver Sharpies. When in doubt, go with Sharpies. That worked.

And then I spilled a cup of water all over my neatly-stacked-in-order buttons. And they started to curl every which way. So they dried for a few days under some heavy books. Only one broke, which is not too bad.

Most of the inspiration pictures I've seen for this project use jump rings to attach all the buttons together. That would take FOR-EV-ER. At least for me. And it would involve making tiny holes in the buttons. No drilling during sleepy time! So I got out my handy glue gun and ribbon went to work.

Once that was all done, I took it out into the hallway of our apartment building to hammer the picture hangers onto the back. No hammering during sleepy time! Very important.

Once the final button dries, I'll glue that on. At some point when both kiddos are awake, I'll be able to hang this on the wall. No hammering during naps! Still very important.

The reason I did this project now is because I was working on another project that involved painting and glue guns, but that's for another time...after those certain family members take their mid-December blog-reading break...

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