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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Garden Update: Mid-July

At long last! Another update on our garden!

Our apple trees have apples!  I'm pretty excited for that come fall.  We love applesauce.
Here's our grapevine:
...and a close-up of a bunch of grapes!  They're not ready to eat yet, but they're growing great!
The raspberries are just about done
...although there's still a few last berries to grab.  The kids have basically been gobbling these up as soon as I bring them in, so we didn't end up making anything with them this year.  Snacks of fresh berries are always a good thing though!
Here's an overview shot of the garden.  The bushy area that's overgrown at the bottom of the picture is where the strawberries were.  Since they're done, we haven't weeded that part as much.
We finally got the pepper plants weeded out and they're growing well.  
The jalapenos are almost ready to harvest.
When we were weeding, we took the cages off of the tomatoes, so now they're just big bushes.  We have Romas
And beefsteaks.  The first ones are just starting to turn red.
Can you spot the butternut squash in the next picture?
Our green beans have been growing like crazy!  We've gotten several dinners' worth of side dishes already!
Our first pumpkin is as big as a basketball.  We researched the kind of pumpkin (Howden) and discovered they're more of carving pumpkins and not so much eating pumpkins, although supposedly you can eat any pumpkin.  So we'll probably try one to see what it tastes like.  If nothing else, we have free pumpkins to carve this October.
And finally, our baby watermelon.  
Our peas are done for.  They didn't take root very far down, although I think pea season is pretty much over anyways.  The strawberries are done.  The potatoes are still going strong in the buckets, and the parsley and basil are still growing inside on the dining room table.

We've harvested over 11 pounds from the garden so far this year, and that's been mostly little stuff.  Once we get to the big squashes and all the apples and tomatoes, our total should be pretty high!

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