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Saturday, November 1, 2014

October Goals Update

October has flown by!  I didn't make a lot of progress on some of these goals, but I also think part of my problem was that they weren't all very specific and trackable.


  • Have patience with all of my children.  Work in progress, but the days I'm more aware of it, I usually do better.
  • Figure out where to put clothes for baby Elizabeth.  I didn't do this yet, but the bin of 0-3 month clothes is organized and easily accessible, so at least I'll be able to pull them out of there.
  • Read three books for fun. I finished two and am in the middle of two more.
  • Keep myself on self-imposed partial bed-rest.  I'm surviving.  I can accomplish a lot sitting down, and I'm working on being better about asking for help.  Just a few more weeks!
  • Finish color-coding some of my organ music.  I have one section left, which will hopefully get done this week.
  • Make a plan for freezer meals for after Elizabeth is born.  No plan, because our freezer is really full right now with bacon and applesauce.  
  • Stay under budget!  We were doing well for the first half of the month.  The second half not so much.  We went over.

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