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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

November Goals

I'm trying to go easy on myself this month, because it's baby month!


  • Clean the two bathrooms.  Because of my pregnancy pain and mobility issues, this hasn't happened as often as it should. But I'm hoping to get one really good deep clean of both of them in this month.
  • Finish at least one set of plastic canvas letters (pictured in this post) for Christmas presents.  I'm up to the letter Q as of writing this.  Each letter takes 45-60 minutes, so it's quite the project.
  • Finish reading two books.  This will meet my reading goal of 25 books for the year.
  • Have a baby! 
  • Make "My name is" laminated traceable cards for the boys for school so they can learn to write their names.
  • Finish making the lower case bottle cap letters. I've had the last 9 caps saved for a few weeks and just haven't sat down to do them.
I've also been working more on decluttering and organizing things around the house, finishing little projects, and basically wrapping up as much as I can before Elizabeth is born.  I want to keep doing that too...

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