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Sunday, July 13, 2014

What I'm Reading...

It has been a busy week! We decided to homeschool Jonah this coming school year, and started looking into the details on that. I started getting rid of craft materials after realizing that I've held on to things for too long. And we had our big ultrasound for the baby and found out it's a girl! Wow! Even so, I was able to get some reading in earlier this week, and found all sorts of good things.

To Know Them Is To Love Them. "When our loved ones detect how well we're paying attention, it fuels their tanks." (The Art Of Simple)

What If We Gave Them The Benefit Of The Doubt? I've caught myself in this a lot this past week, and I'm trying to remember that my little people are just trying to figure out the world, and are not always deserving of yelling and punishment. (Life Your Way)

Why Memorization Gets A Bad Rap In Modern Education. The difference is the desire behind it - do you want facts spewed back, or do you want a framework for learning? (Life Your Way)

Setting Powerful Short-Term Personal Finance Goals...And 25 Examples To Get You Started. This is a really good list of short-term challenges to boost or improve your finances. (The Simple Dollar)

Is There A Natural Alternative To Pediasure? I've never used Pediasure for my kids, but I'm all about real food alternatives to fake processed things. (100 Days Of Real Food)

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