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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Weekly Coupon Shopping

Diapers were $6.99, get $3ECBs per pack, with a limit of 5 (usually it's only 1!), so I grabbed those since that's a great price. I did 2 transactions to help limit my out of pocket costs.
  • Transaction #1: 3 packs diapers at $6.99 each = paid $22.10 with tax, got $9ECBs.
  • Transaction #2: 2 packs diapers at $6.99 each. Used $9ECBs from first transaction = paid $5.68, got $6ECBs.
These iced coffees were priced at $1 each at Walgreens this week, with a $1RR on each one. I don't shop at Walgreens much, so the odds of me using up RR before they expire are not good. So I price matched at Walmart, and used my coupons to get them for free there.
Other Coupon Shopping:
  • Target Starbucks: I got 2 free pastries with purchase of 2 beverages, based on a free offer they posted on Twitter (expired 7/2/14)

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