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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

May Clutter Busting Challenge

Money Saving Mom has a clutter-busting challenge for May to get rid of 7 things every day.  I am going to do a weekly update on my clutter-busting, to see if I can really find 7 things (or so) each day that we don't want or need.

May 1: 7 items
  • Expired coupons (which I'll count as one "thing", recycled)
  • A partial container of expired yogurt - oops! (rinsed out and recycled)
  • 3 statements to the shred pile (recycled)
  • An old menu plan and grocery list (recycled)
  • A check finally put in the mailbox after 3 days of it sitting on the desk
I know these are not exactly the kinds of things that go with a clutter-busting challenge, but I did remove them from my house, so I figure that still counts.

May 3: 9 items

I went through the clothes that are currently in the boys' dresser to see what we have for summer for each, and what we still needed.  I also took out some of the extras that haven't really been worn, and added them to my sell/donate pile.  As a nice surprise, Matthew has enough of everything for summer because he's growing slightly faster than Jonah did, so Jonah's clothes from last summer will all fit perfectly.  And because of hand-me-downs from friends, Jonah only needs a few things.  Score!

May 6: 5 items

I grabbed a few small items out of the silverware drawer, as well as some fleece pajamas from the kids' room.

May 7: 3 items

2 free baby sample bags that I got from the doctor (I kept some of the samples, but don't need the bags), and a separate sample of ready-to-feed formula.

May 8: 8 items

I pulled some more books off of the bookshelf that we don't read very often.

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  1. Great progress! It is always a great feeling to declutter. I recently did a massive declutter because my husband and I moved from CA to NE, and we downsized our house. It was a lot of work but definitely worth it.