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Monday, October 1, 2012

Think Outside The Box Challenge: Final Thoughts

We did it (pretty much)!  We went an entire month without eating cereal for breakfast!  You can see all that we had to eat here.  Sure, there were a few mornings when Jesse and the boys wanted cereal instead of what I had planned, and we had the trip to Michigan for my Grandma's funeral where we were limited to what our hotel offered, but otherwise, this month was a success!

I had a few goals for this challenge:
  • Spend less money on boxes of cereal.  I think I bought 4 boxes of cereal that were part of a deal, and spent only a couple dollars on them.  Success!
  • Make more REAL food.  I did a lot of baking.  We ate oatmeal.  We had eggs.  Overall, we ate a lot of items with ingredients I can pronounce.  Success!
  • Try new recipes.  (See list below) Success!
New Recipes That We Tried (in no particular order):
I found that we did best when breakfast was already set to go, even if that meant taking a few minutes the afternoon or evening beforehand to make it up.  The good news is that most of the breakfasts I picked were ones that I could make ahead of time.  The ones that weren't, especially the eggs, got substituted for something else a lot of the time.  I already kind of knew this about myself, but now I know for sure: if we are going to eat things besides cereal for breakfast, I need to make sure to have them ready to go before I go to bed.

So what now?  My goal is to continue to have non-cereal breakfasts at least 4-5 mornings a week.  Cereal can still be an option, but I'd rather have it be a once-in-awhile thing than an everyday occurrence.  Since I am continuing to add recipes to my Pinterest boards, and we've found some new favorites, this shouldn't be a problem, as long as I keep planning ahead.  Look for breakfast to continue to appear on the meal plans on Mondays!

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