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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

On Life's Less Than Newsworthy Moments

A few nights ago, I was attempting to write our family's annual newsletter to include with the Christmas cards. Usually I'll go person by person, updating everyone on what we've all been doing over the past year.  If our family has had a really eventful year, I'll go month by month.  But this year, not much happened.

Now, of course, we had a busy couple of months in May and June. Hannah was born. Jesse graduated. We moved to Wisconsin. Jesse was ordained and officially became a pastor. And those are all a very big deal.

But other than those two busy months, not much happened. At least, not much that was newsworthy.  We continued our real food journey, with some bumps and setbacks along the way.  The boys started to learn how to use scissors and gluesticks. Hannah learned how to sit up on her own.  Cloth diapers aren't working too well for Matthew any more and I get excited when he wants to sit on the potty, but it's always after he's already gone in his diaper.  Jonah can put together a 100 piece puzzle in less than 10 minutes and I'm already running out of things to challenge his little mind.

We do yoga every evening after dinner.  We made a snowman in May.  Some of the greatest fun I have with my husband is snuggling on the couch watching old tv shows after the kids go to bed. Most days a good cup of coffee during the kids' after-lunch quiet time can solve pretty much any problem. 

In my day to day life, these little things are a big deal. But to write them in the big letter seems so small. My life is made up of all of these little details that really only matter so much because they are important to me in those moments.  I think that they're lovely.  And I wouldn't change our simple little life for a thing.

It does make writing a newsletter a bit difficult though...


  1. Our year was similar so I just had Matt write up a short message. I think people like that better anyway! :-)

  2. We skipped the letter this year. Our biggest and best news was being officially matched with our little boy, and everyone knows that by now anyways! We plan to do a big letter with our adoption letter next year. Hopefully it will be final by December and we can include an announcement with his photo :)