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Friday, November 9, 2012

Superman Birthday Cake

Tomorrow is Jesse's birthday.  He has asked me to make him a Superman cake for several years, but I hadn't done it yet.  Until now.  I decided to do a Superman logo cake topper, on a yellow cake, with red frosting between layers, and blue frosting on the outside.  

Side note: I use Wilton gel colors to dye my frosting, but even when I use what I feel like is a lot, I still end up with pastel colors and pinks instead of reds.  So I didn't get the Superman blue I was looking for.  But it still turned out pretty well.

First, I printed out a simple logo from a Google images search.  I taped a piece of wax paper over that and onto a cookie sheet.

Next I melted some chocolate chips to make the topper.  Here's a trick I picked up on the Internet somewhere: To fill a ziploc bag with chocolate, open it in a glass and fold it down over the edges.  Then you can spoon the chocolate in without a mess.

I cut a small corner off of the bag and piped the chocolate onto the wax paper.  It worked best to outline first, then fill in and spread out with a spoon.  I think next time I do this method, I will flip the picture so it is backwards, so then the right-side-up side will be smoother (hopefully that makes sense).

After a few hours in the freezer, the logo was ready to go on the cake!  I love it! This was a really easy method, and I think it looks pretty impressive, if I do say so myself. 

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