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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I Made a Card!

Tomorrow is Jesse's and my fourth anniversary. You probably know that each anniversary has a traditional category for gifts. I am terrible at keeping with those categories. Jesse always does really well at both the modern and the traditional. Our first anniversary he got me a beautiful journal (paper) and a lovely clock (clocks) for my bedside table. He got even more creative for the second, and got me flowers that came with a little stuffed lamb (made of cotton, in China). That made me smile.

So. The fourth anniversary is fruit/flowers and appliances. We talked about getting a juicer. We may still get a juicer. But other than that, I could not think of anything that fit any of those categories to get for Jesse. So I decided I would get creative with my packaging, and just get him something I knew he wanted.

Enter the flowerpot card. I drew the flowerpot and flowers freehand, with crayons, during naptime. Yep. They're not perfect, but I kind of think they're better that way. I wrote "I", "Love", and "You" on the centers of the flowers. Also in crayon. You would only do this if you had kids in the house.

Then for the actual present holder, I took a rectangle of paper and cut some flaps. I put two slits in the flowerpot, tucked the flaps through, and taped them on the back. Make sense? I hope so. I also taped a little piece of paper in the bottom so the present wouldn't fall all the way through. The insert is big enough that the present fits nicely but still has wiggle room.

See? It slides right out.

Then I wrote "I picked you because you're the best flower in the whole bunch!" because we both make fun of cheesy cards, and that is definitely cheesy.

Since I made this freehand, it turned out a lot bigger than I had envisioned it. Like almost a foot long, when all is said and done. But I still really like it. It's big and over the top, and who doesn't like a little bit of over the top when you're telling your husband you love him?

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